Hello & Welcome… :)

I am Sophia Moon and this is my little corner of the wobbly worldwide web, where I like to share my favorite things… a lot of which I make myself.  I am a Creative Brand Strategist, entrepreneur, artist, designer, photographer, singer-songwriter, wife, and mom to a beautiful little human.

I am mostly self-taught and enjoy dabbling in charcoal, pencil, acrylics, watercolors, and inks. I like to experiment with brushes, knives, pens, chopsticks (and other various odds and ends for tools) and various mediums to express emotions. I enjoy combining hand art with digital, particularly in Photoshop and Illustrator… basically, I love to  create things.

Essem Studio is my work + play space where I pursue my creative passions. You can visit my Essem Studio ART PORTFOLIO to see things I’ve created.


My passion for music started at the young age of ten, and has since taken me on an exciting journey as a performing artist, project manager, executive producer, vocal coach, singer, and songwriter… I have been on a hiatus from the studio these last few years, growing my family to two, then three… but have shared all my music (published and unreleased) for your enjoyment or curiosity. 😛

With so many new emotions and experiences, I am hoping to get back in studio to create some new music soon. Stay tuned… and in the meantime, you can listen to my MUSIC.

In the meantime, check out my BLOG : FOOD for CREATIVES, a space where I share inspirations I glean from books, podcasts, articles, and talks with fellow artists… an honest and unapologetic reflection on my journey as an artist and creative.